12 Mar 2013

The Race:

Hi all, I hope you are recovering well from an active and awesome weekend! This last Sunday, my Posichiro team, consisting of our massage therapists, Fen and Kyori, as well as Dr. Stephen and I, worked hard for the runners of the second Back Yard Burn trail running race. The day was SUNNY and WARM, perfect for a running race, perfect to be standing at your tent performing ART and adjustments on runners for hours! Here are a few pictures from our recovery tent. Note my expertise shows in putting up our banner, ‘eh!

I also raced the 5 miler on Sunday. It was euphorically educational, as in I saw stars and felt my heart beat into my throat, becoming enlightened to the fact that my training has been inadequate for racing purposes! Clearly, you have to train to dig deep, with hard sets of intense training, in order to be ready to race where you naturally go as hard as you can. Nope, my body wasn’t prepared for my overeager brain and natural competitiveness. The result was an incredible respect for my body’s limitations and potential, my capacity to get faster and stronger. I know I can do better and now I know how to train better.

There is nothing more incredibly nerve racking then intentionally putting yourself on the start line of a race. I am so proud of all 400 or more runners that went out with me on Sunday morning, so early in this season, and suffered with me as we all pushed ourselves to our limit. It is truly something I admire in people who race; competitive or not, you never quit, even though you are racing your demons to overcome tough obstacles, a heart rate that screams at you to slow down, legs that feel like lead as you push yourself up yet another hill, and then there is that darn athlete who just passed you like a gazelle, taunting you to quit or slow down. Just to put yourself on the start line is awesome, and I just wanted to say thank you for doing it, we are all making ourselves better people and a healthier community for The Race. Never quit, always strive to be better, stronger, fitter, healthier.

See you at the next BYB I hope! Have a great week and get your rest too! Dr.Kathy