About Us

Positively Chiropractic was founded in 2000 with the 3 principles based on MOVEMENT:
  1.  A moving joint is a healthy joint, so regaining and then keeping joints in motion is goal number 1.
  2. Moving your body -both with chiropractic adjustments and then with exercise – is key to keeping your joints lubricated and healthy.  So keeping your body in motion is goal number 2.
  3. When you move your joints and your body, you increase your body’s circulation and flexibility, which carries life’s energy and oxygen to all the cells of your body.
Thus, my mission statement is based on my mantra, Always Moving You Forward, because I believe that movement is the key to life-  When you come to Positively Chiropractic, we will treat you with passion to restore your health and remove pain by helping you attain healthy alignment and an increased flexibility.  In my office, we will bring you back to a healthier balance and stronger foundation so you can return to your sport, activity, and lifestyle as proactively as possible.
Dr. Kathy Coutinho, D.C., C.C.S.P., A.K., A.R.T.
Owner of Positively Chiropractic