21 Jan 2013

Awesome hour and 15 minute run on the Fountain Head trails!

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Dr. Kathy, Dr. Dusty & Max

Dr. Kathy, Dr. Dusty & Max

Good morning everyone, what a glorious Saturday morning!  I just returned from an awesome hour and 15 minute run on the Fountain Head trails with my 2 best friends, Dr. Dusty and Max!

I learned a great thing today about running up hills and speed.  I think this applies to running in general for injury prevention.  When you run up a hill, shorten your stride, forefoot land with a nicely bent knee and keep that good recoil in your entire leg working for you to prevent impact from injuring your ankle or knee.  Shortening your stride speeds you up too, and don’t break into a walk, you actually work harder walking up a hill than running with a short, steady, even stride.  

Have a fantastic, exercise filled weekend everyone, fill those lungs with this fresh beautiful air, and I’ll see you soon I hope!
Dr. Kathy