17 Nov 2009

Back At It!


Today is the day, the DAY I started moving my lazy bones back into motion.  The clouds never even made a presence and the sun came up and stayed out, so there were no excuses left in the book, I had to get my bike out onto the road.  I hope you all incorporated out of doors fitness into your Sunday, what a GLORIOUS autumn one it was!
My day began with adjusting the awesome staff and then runners of EX2 adventures at Fountain Head Park
Dr. Anna from PosiChiro taking care of a Backyard Burn Runner

Dr. Anna from PosiChiro taking care of a Backyard Burn Runner

where they were hosting their 3rd fall Back Yard Burn race of the season.  My practice sponsors EX2 for all their races that they put on during the year, offering all ranges of sports medicine needs to the athletes. Five members of Posichiro arrived soon after to treat many runners over the next 3 hours for injuries ranging from sprained ankles to hamstring pulls to lower back pain.  So I got to play with my daughters and border collie in the woods!

Pierre and I did our first real bike ride since climbing up Haleakala 3 weeks ago.  Just a steady 2 hour spin through Clifton with nothing resembling real effort, but just the same, we both felt like we rode a century.  Um, time to get a move on I think!
This is how I am starting my winter training.  First of all I am officially hiring Melissa Dalio to coach me to worlds next year.   Training without a professional coach was unfortunate but necessary until now having my youngest so little.  She being 2 now, I can commit to my schedule and am ready to make that leap.  My schedule starts the first week of December, but I am getting some work outs in to prepare for some tests that will specifically guide me through my future workouts.  I have 2 VO2 Max tests in a few weeks from now, (bike and run) which will give me specific heart rate values to train at to build me up to a level I would like to attain.  That being “a lot faster”, period.  To get ready for the VO2 Max tests I need to lift in the gym 2-3 times a week, get some base rides and runs in, start stretching daily again, and STAY HEALTHY!  Once I have these values, I can make a specific plan with my coach to figure out how much time I feel I can take off my race.  But my goal right now is to complete Maui XTERRA in 3 hours 30 minutes, 23 minutes faster than this year.  If I don’t get lost in the swim next time, that should help me with at least 5 minutes right off the bat!
So, what are YOUR health goals for 2010?  Consider making some of the local races Jim Harmon puts on with his company EX2 a goal to attain with regular exercise.  These races are FABULOUS, so well organized and fun, and done by the most friendly and organized volunteers and staff I have ever met at any race ever.  Let me know if I can help you too, I’d love to be your biggest cheer leader and health guide.  Remember my mantra, ALWAYS MOVING YOU FORWARDS, for I feel nobody should go backwards!  (Especially in a race…)
OK, have a great sleep so you start off the week rested and ready to ROCK AND ROLL!!!!  Where are you going to fit in your workouts, ‘eh?  Dr. Kathy


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