15 Jun 2010

Does sky diving count as training?

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Hello and greetings fellow trail lovers and those who just don’t know they are trail lovers yet! I just had a terrific build cycle of training for my “A” race of the year coming up this Sunday, Richmond XTERRA!

IMG_2237Last week I inserted an extra workout that was truly the hardest experience of all my training years- SKY DIVING- with our newest Chiropractor at Posichiro, Dr. Rose Moeser. Dr. Moeser was doing her 106th jump while I was doing my very first (me firmly attached to an instructor for a tandem jump) and I can honestly say it was the second most amazing, intense experience I have ever had, second to delivering my daughters!!! We were even on our way to an ART seminar in NJ last Thursday and it turned out that the “Drop Zone” was “on the way”. Dr. Moeser said “LET’S START THIS SEMINAR WEEKEND RIGHT!” (meaning, let’s jump start our hearts by flinging ourselves out of a plane from 14000 feet above terra firma before sitting in a seminar for 3 days) and so we did. Not specific training for the XTERRA performance but one for the bucket list for sure! (I loved it, fyi!)


Taper week folks, and I’m getting those little pre-race butterflies already! Today, my husband and I simply biked easy around Fountain Head followed by a short run with our 2 dogs. I should consider skydiving the morning of the race to test race performance after an adrenaline stimulating exercise like that.

Taper is so important for everyone who exercises regularly. It breaks the routine, allows your body to heal fully before the next training cycle, and very importantly allows your mind to take a bit of a break, thereby avoiding the dreaded “burn out”. I schedule my massage on my taper week to loosen up my legs, specifically my ITBands, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and some shoulder hot spots. So should you!

SO, train hard with good focus, and then take a good break for a week to regroup both mentally and physically; you will be healthfully training for all of your life!

Have a great week, Dr. K



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