20 Jul 2010

EX2 XTERRA at Rocky Gap

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Into the blender...

Into the blender...

Rocky Gap XTERRA was a WELL RUN, FABULOUSLY ORGANIZED, FUN TO RACE triathlon! Jim Harmon did a super job prepping the boys to make way for the ladies when they tried to pass on the bike, and boy did it make a difference! I had a great race with my family and friends, despite having NO sleep the night before. My 2 year old fell out of bed at 2am and cut her lip badly (she is totally fine, just had a big juicy kissable lip for a few days!), which meant that nobody slept for the rest of the night. We travelled to Rocky Gap the day before with a babysitter who graciously took care of our girls (ages 2 and 5!) on race day from 6am until we crossed the finish line, what a sweet heart! I ran across the finish line carrying Madison, which Valerie took full advantage of and sprinted past me to win overall amateur women! Her first overall win at age 5, not too shabby!

kathybikeI am now rested from having a week of training “for fun” and am ready to go to Wakefield right now for an 1 -1/2 hour ride and 30 minute run. The weather couldn’t be better, hot and humid, perfect for MAUI TRAINING!

Get out early if you can for your training runs/walks/rides, and if you can, place them at a park like Wakefield. All those trees make the temperature feel so much cooler as you train in the shade. But if you can’t, like me right now at 2pm on Tuesday, just bring lots of agua, sunscreen, and passion for your fitness, and GET OUT THERE!!!

Have a fit and awesome week everybody, my best to you, Dr. Kathy



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