28 Feb 2013

Feb. 25 Base Building and BRICK Training Time!!

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Hi folks!  How is your winter training coming?  I hope you are bundling up and getting outside, the trails are beautiful even when it is cold, as long as you wear the right clothes.

Sunday was my first THREE HOUR RIDE, partly on the mountain bike trails of Laurel Hill, partly on the roads.  My husband -aka training partner- and I hit all the hills hard, spinning easy and steady, and then pushing hard over each hill until they flattened out.  That is a good training technique to pass on to you, when you are biking, don’t relax at the top of the hill, pedal hard OVER the hill. Today I rode my bike at Accotink for an hour, again hitting the hills hard, and then transitioned to my running shoes for a solid half hour run.  IT IS TIME to get going on your bricks (bike/run, swim/bike) my fellow athletes, you will truly appreciate these workouts when you jump off the bike to run 10K at all the XTERRA’s you plan on racing with me!

Get moving, stay moving, and don’t forget to STRETCH DAILY, it will help me adjust you later on in our training and racing season!