07 Dec 2012

Get outside and MOVE YOUR BODY!

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Today was a PERFECT day to get outside and MOVE YOUR BODY!  My workouts have started to incorporate hard intensity.  Why you ask?  Because it is TIME TO START TO TRAIN FOR THE  2013 XTERRA race season!   Today I did 65 minutes of mountain biking in my lunch break, hitting all hills hard and spinning fast on easy gears.  My rides and runs now will have no breaks, I am trying to maintain steady heart rate now adding some small bouts of hard intensity.  This is something you can all get if you would like to join Eric Sorenson on his indoor bike classes he is now offering at our office on Monday nights, keep that in mind.  Or you could get your fat tires out and join me on some rides!!!

One other piece of good advice.  I do pull ups for upper body strength which tends to be weak on women.  I totally pulled my neck doing pull ups a few weeks ago, and have injured my neck on multiple occasions doing pull ups in the past.  Dr. Matt Fontaine, our newest ART certified chiropractor, fixed my neck pain and joint problem but I was gun shy of doing a pull up ever again.  WELL, he and Dr. Anna suggested doing pull ups a different way, palms facing me not facing away from me.  I am happy to tell you I can do pull ups this way with NO MORE NECK PAIN!  I got in 2 sets of 5 today, after the ride, and feel fabulous.  I will include a photo of this technique next time so you know what I mean.

OK all, I hope you are doing great and staying fit, enjoy this beautiful weather ok!!!  Dr. K