29 Apr 2010

Got A Goal? Get A Coach!

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ZF-5770-22910-1-001Spring has sprung (FOR GOOD I THINK!) and we just have to put on our running shoes and go for a long run/walk/hike/cycle with our faces in the sunshine (with a thick layer of sunscreen on), don’t you agree!!!

I am working with my fabulous coach (Melissa Dalio, exercise physiologist, endurance coach, and cool, calm and patient advisor to high maintenance athletes like myself!) on planning my last 2 build cycles to reach peak time for Richmond XTERRA on June 20th. So this is my week 1 of a 3 week build while still trying to recover from the crazy intensity of racing (aka turning myself inside out) last Saturday. My quadriceps and left calf still hurts, but no more dramatic limp!

Today was about the run, an easy 50 minute steady zone 2 (aerobic threshold) to prepare for a longer more intense run on Saturday. A build cycle means you increase your mileage, intensity, and endurance with each week. On the 4th week I taper pretty aggressively because, as my coach puts it, I am very sensitive!

So I want to tell you how important it is to have a good coach you can rely on for a solid schedule to read and follow for your training, whether you are working out for a race or to lose weight or to be able to climb kilamanjaro.

You may not have ever verbalized this to yourself, but when you set a physical goal, it implies not getting injured in the process. THAT is why I hired Melissa, because not only did I keep injuring myself in previous years, (which totally takes you out of your training for days or even weeks) but I would overtrain and get mental burn out. It is actually a medical diagnosis, “overtraining”, and this affects your entire life like a depression of sorts. My cardiologist told me that I specifically needed to “slow down and eat more salt”, isn’t that funny coming from a heart doctor?! So I did VO2 max tests on both the bike and run and have since followed a strict training schedule and VOILA I am feeling DREAMY!!! Two races so far this season and two overall wins to show for it, but equally important NO INJURIES or BURN OUT! And I am so loving training like this, following a well thought out plan that makes total sense and keeps me brimming with enthusiasm to keep at it every day (even swimming has become a hopeful adventure for me).

My advice for the day: Consult with a reputable coach/exercise physiologist to learn how you can train with purpose knowing you are under the guidance of a trusted professional. (Clearly I recommend my coach, Melissa Dalio!) Take the guess work out of it and enjoy your path to hitting your physical goals!!!



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