05 May 2010

I Love Swimming!

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What glorious weather we are having, n’est pas?  BUT, despite the sunshine and warm temperatures, today is my……swim and lift day, my favorite day of the week.  I know I am supposed to be positive about every workout and every adventure experienced when gaining fitness, but swimming just depresses me.  Is this inspiring you to go grab your goggles and hit the water yet?
WELL ANYWAYS, I had a very entertaining time doing a build cycle in the water after a good warm up.  My coach had me do a 200, 300, 400, 500, and then 600, with 30 seconds rest, trying to maintain my race pace at all times.  Well, that is pretty arbitrary, because my race pace is pretty darn slow, so I guess I hit my objective.
I really had a super workout in the gym right afterwards to vent my swimming frustrations.  I did tons of pull-ups, dips, quad extensions and hammy curls, core, push ups, and walking lunges.  I work out in the gym the best when I swim right before hand, because I am so bummed out that I just go all out in the gym like a mad woman!  WOOHOOO!  I don’t see anyone or hear anything, just focus and train with all my might.
Then I hustle into the shower and race back to treat my awesome patients for the rest of the day and discover that I can’t raise my arms up past 10 degrees without major effort.  This happens every Wednesday, it’s pretty funny!
SOOO, whether lifting is your way to vent or if you train to overcome an injury, make weight lifting a part of your regular routine.  Strength training is so important for us to avoid injury while doing all the other things we like to do, such as picking up our children, throwing a ball with a friend, taking a dog for a walk on a leash, and sitting for a long movie in unsupportive movie seats.   Strength training prevents bone density loss and joint weakening, and keeps muscles, ligaments, and tendons strong enough to handle the rigors and repetition of high intensity athletics.
Well, if you are my patient and get adjusted at 3pm on Wednesdays, please excuse my shaking hands, it isn’t caffeine withdrawal I assure you!
Have a super week everyone!!!
Oh, and the official pics from Duathlon Nationals arrived, here are a few:
The Finish Line!
The best part, the bike!



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