10 Jul 2011

It has been too long, but I’m back!

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It has been too long, but I’m back!  First of all I want to mention that in my attempt to spread the good word of mtn. biking to our youth, I entered my 6 year old in her first mtn. bike race at Wakefield last Wednesday.  I prepared her only in that she can ride a bike awesomely well, but we haven’t done a ton of trails yet.  It was fairly shocking to say the least for Valerie, first real race of any kind and it’s on a bike and on darn tricky trails.  Despite crashes and tears, she NEVER quit, and I am so proud of her!!  Her 3 year old sister is now biking on a 2 wheeler, no training wheels for that one.  I am afraid of her natural talent for the bike, my hair will go straight white the year she starts to race.

Valerie with mom, Dr. Kathy

I just raced XTERRA Rocky Gap today, what a well organized awesome race!  It is put on by EX2adventures.com and the day went smooth and perfect!  The day was warm and dry, great for trail riding and mountain running!  I got to meet a ton of great friends at this race this year, I think we are finally growing the sport, at least locally!  WOOHOO!  My personal result today was a solid overall female win and no terrible crashes.  I also won Richmond XTERRA last month so I am in full training for Maui XTERRA this year once again.

I hope you are all training well, having a great summer with your fitness and overall health.  Check out Jim Harmon’s mtn. bike and trail running races on his website www.ex2adventures.com, I myself plan on racing the majority of the races left on the schedule, so hopefully I will see you there!

My best to you all, Dr. Kathy


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