06 Aug 2013

photo2Italy XTERRA was a fantastic experience, one filled with technical riding and amazing views! My husband and I raced this first ever course for Italy’s new XTERRA venue last weekend, with our girls standing by, our loudest cheerleaders! XTERRA put on a wonderful race, tons of volunteers showed up and not once did I get lost! Despite the VERY cold water, my wetsuit helped make the 1 mile swim do-able, and from there, I felt strong and enjoyed every peddle stroke up the 2 hour rocky climb! On the 10 K run, I met and passed a few awesome Italians I had met the day before, so much fun!

I missed the awards dinner and ceremony, as we went home and slept through the entire event, so I had to wait until they posted the results on the website to see how we fared. I came out winning my age group and placing 3rd overall for amateur women.

photo3XTERRA is simply my way of staying fit, committed to a regular training plan, and having fun in the journey of staying healthy and strong. I hope every one of you finds your excuse to take some selfish time each day to work out your body, stretch out your limbs and your spine, exercise your heart and lungs. What makes you want to work out every day? A goal like mine? Think on it and always stay moving forward!