17 Oct 2009

Last Running Intervals

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ALRIGHT, I’m trying not to fret about our big race next weekend. If you race, you know what I mean… worrying about stupid things like “I just can’t get sick before next weekend” and “I hope I make the swim cut-off time!”. My workout for Thursday was a FABULOUS run with my dear friend Scott Scudamore. We were at the Wakefield trails doing a 40 minute run with 3 sets of 3 minutes hard. It is so motivating to run with a pal, and so much more enjoyable sometimes to share the beautiful outdoors this way with a friend. I think I kicked his butt more than he kicked mine 😉 but we both had a super workout. The entire purpose was to “REV THE ENGINES, BURN OUT THE EXISTING CARBON, AND PREP THE OVEN” for race day WITHOUT depleting our systems much at all. I felt fresh and light afterwards, I think Scott did too. (He is racing XTERRA Worlds as well next week! Go Scott Go!)

Yesterday I was scheduled for my most favorite thing to do on a cold and rainy day. Ooohhh I just love to jump into the cold water at the swimming pool when my skin is already frost bitten. Feels so refreshing. Anyways, enough complaining Coutinho. Pierre and I did DRILLS for 25 minutes followed by a few hard 50’s. Honestly, it was fabulous learning and I even warmed up to turn a shade of light blue. Coach Melissa told me to focus on my body-balance in the water, so my feet aren’t down at a 45 degree angle below my head making me have to pull them like big huge weights through the water. The drills are working, so remember this, if you want to swim like a swimmer and not like a rock, get a swim coach, it works!

Have a super weekend and get your exercise in despite this rainy day. Burke Lake is a great place to walk/run even when it is wet out, there is much tree cover to protect you from the wind too. SEE YOU!


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