28 Sep 2009

Lunchtime Swim

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What a GREAT DAY to swim!  This, by the way, is me being highly sarcastic.  SWIMMING and GREAT don’t often go in the same sentence for me.  BUT, after I adjusted my last patient before lunch, I grabbed my goggles, cap and suit and off I went for a darn good workout with Pierre.  Melissa Dalio, Posi Chiro’s exercise physiologist and endurance coach, joined me for the swim and afterwards told me 2 things:  1)  I don’t rotate through the center of my body, rather I swivel when turning from side to side, creating a whole lot of water resistance.  2)  I “lead” the stroke with my hand, not my elbow, which throws my entire balance off making me have to work even harder to move in a straight line.  So I tried to adopt these 2 things in my next 100 meter set and swam it faster than all my previous sets preceding it, a 1:35  100!  So perhaps there is hope for me in the water?  Felt great afterward, grabbed a bite and back to treating my wonderful patients smelling a little like chlorine!  I hope you don’t mind if you are one of them…

Tip of the day:  Swimming is a terrific cross trainer for running and cycling, and pretty much any other sport for that matter.  It stretches out your spine and shoulders without the loading you get from land-based training.  We should all try to get in one swim a week, and there are plenty of places to swim in your area.  I go to Wakefield recreation center, but you can check out the Fairfax County Recreation Centers for a more convenient place.  There is a right way however, and there is definitely a not-so-right way to swim.  Avoid injuries in the water by getting a swim lesson to learn about stroke efficiency and body position in the water.  It can save you your shoulders and much frustration!  I, of course, refer my patient’s to Melissa for swim coaching!
Go swim friends of Posichiro!
Dr. Kathy

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