05 Oct 2009

More Swimming!

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Hi there, what another BEAUTIFUL day to be outside, but despite the sunshine and falling leaves, Pierre made me swim again. I swam in the lane next to my old swim coach, Alan Melvin (he rocks!), so I was very self-conscious of my faulty stroke! Coach Melissa’s last words to me as I ran out of my office in my lunch break was “keep the back of your head down when breathing” (you know, the occiput!). As I was swimming, I had to go under water and watch Alan smoothly glide through the water with such fluid motion. Will I ever get there? After doing a bunch of drills, Pierre and I hammered out 6 hard 50’s, and on the last one we were clearly racing each other. My stroke fell completely apart and I was snorting water up my nose because I was laughing so hard but I STILL WON! Made it back to work 5 minutes before my first afternoon patient so I could get some food in my tummy, and off I went treating awesome patients again all afternoon. I made it to pick up my darling Madison just in time at 5:30, home to make dinner, showered 2 little girls, read books, counted to 10 (yes, my youngest will be the brain!), and cuddled until 8:45, and now I am typing to you at 10:18pm. I’ll be asleep in 20 minutes! SLEEP WELL, that’s when you heal and your body prepares for it’s NEXT WORK OUT!!!!!



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