10 Oct 2009


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Saturday has dawned and my work out for today was my cherished MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE!!! BUT, first pancakes with my family, then to my office to treat some wonderful patients for a few hours, then at last to my beloved trails of Wakefield for an hour steady spin. No hard stretches today, I just focussed on maintaining an even effort even in the twisty rooty parts or short climbs. Then…. my oldest daughter’s first bike race, an out and back with other kids 6 and under on 2 wheels. (Valerie is 4!) Valerie on her tiny bike with a cadence of about 250 peddle strokes per minute because the crank arm is about 3 inches long, came not last but 2nd to last. I told her that is GREAT, because her competition will have no expectations of her next year when she has a bike that actually fits her growing frame! She’ll crush it! Cool I told you before, a bike fit makes all the difference in the world, no matter how small you are!

I refer to Melissa Dalio for a professional bike fit, you can email her directly with questions about your bike and how it might be causing problems due to poor fit, to mdcoaching@verizon.net. And if you don’t have a bike, GO TO THE BIKE LANE! www.thebikelane.com.


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