09 Oct 2009

On The Trails!

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I got to mountain bike ride today with my husband on the great trails of Wakefield. This is MY kind of training, fun, out in the woods and sunshine, peaceful and a super awesome workout. My workout today was an hour and a half steady ride with a 15 minute hard section making every 3 minute a super hard effort. Great training to ride hard on twisty trails, and I just love riding down other mountain bikers on the trails, pretending that they are the next girl at Maui that I have to run down! My advise is for you to go out and get yourself a Trek Fuel at the Bike Lane or at the very least get your bike fit to your body. Since I got a bike that actually fits my frame, my bike performance has tripled. Afterward, my 4 year old daughter rode with my husband 2 miles on her training wheel-less bike in training for her first bike race tomorrow at Wakefield at the Children’s Health Festival/Monster Mash MTB Race. She is a little rock star that one!


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