17 May 2010

Practice Makes Perfect!

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I am completing my 3rd week build cycle and boy do I feel it!!! Which means I have a well earned taper kind of week to look forward to, very important for me to avoid burning out or injuring myself. Yesterday my husband and I did a time trial around the loop at Fountain Head, a slightly technical 7 mile loop of wonderful mtn. bike trails. He crushed it in 39 minutes (MY HERO!), and I managed a 45 minute lap. My heart rate got to 184 at some of the hill climbs which is definitely the point at which I start to feel VERY nauseous. So I learned a vital lesson that in a race when I start to feel that oh so familiar nausea I have no choice but to slow down, because I just start to collapse soon after that heart rate zone making it tough to re-group and push on.

Today before my run I practiced “Transitioning” onto the bike, then off the bike to the run, several times with my dear friend Scud. This was supposed to be a “transition clinic” we were hosting for free to the community at the Fountain Head park but nobody showed up and so we got to practice a ton! YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME if you are a du- or triathlete.

My run was a 1 hr 25 minute trail run with 25 minutes of it done hard at zone 4/5. My border collie Strider and I had a fabulous time, saw no snakes this time but the weather was sublime and the trails perfect.

My family and I went swimming afterward and I swear the water was so cold that I actually got therapy for my legs from it! Sort of like an ice bath, though my 2 and 5 year old didn’t seem to notice how cold it was for some reason.

Well, tip of the day from me to you is to practice the little things that make your sport more efficient, saves you time, and keeps you safe.



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