04 Oct 2010

Rest Day!

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Aloha friends and family, fellow athletes and beginners to the concept of daily exercise!  These past few weeks I have been typifying the concept of multi-tasking while prioritizing training into a packed schedule.  It has been pretty busy with the combination of my little girl now going to kindergarten, my little little girl dealing with her sister going to kindergarten, supporting a growing practice in so many ways with all it’s bumps on the road, entertaining my visiting dad who is 83 with the spirit and awesome attitude of someone 23, and the list goes on…  Today I understood clearly what it is like to feel like pushing off your daily dose of cardiovascular or resistance training when life starts to pile up and chaos starts to creep onto your desk.  I indeed canceled my swim workout in favor of completing many started tasks that have been hovering over my head for a few weeks now.

10 Miler with the boys!

10 Miler with the boys!

So let me tell you about the value of a day off!  In hindsight, a few hours later, I am so glad I did complete work tasks in lieu of work out.  Physically I am still feeling quad soreness from a 10 mile trail run 2 days ago and my knees are tightening up.  A recovery day is as important as a solid work out schedule, don’t forget that.  I am feeling pumped now are ready to rock Skyline drive tomorrow (on my road bike, ahhhhhhh), though I would have MUCH preferred mountain biking Elizabeth’s Furnace.  The rain, what is with this rain.  Anyhow, all my roadie friends tell me how awesome some 5 mile climb is out that way, which will be the similar effort intensity and duration as climbing Maui’s Haleakala in 3 short weeks.

On top of a recovery day is the importance of getting a sports massage on your target training muscles once a month.  Do I do this?  NO!  Should I do this?  Like, for sure, ‘eh!   So, I am going to my office tomorrow after my ride to make an appointment with Erin who is now ART certified so that she can practice her sports massage torture technique on me while sharpening her skills for you folks out there.
By the way, track work outs ROCK!  Last week my coach aka husband had me doing 5 sets of 1200’s, start off with 400 moderate hard, 200 all out, 400 moderate, 200 all out, then a recovery 400.    The sets flew by and my speed actually increased with each 1200, well, until the last one, which was the same speed as the first!  =)
Have a super week of searching for better fitness and finding no excuses to get there!  Good luck, be well, my best goes with you. Dr. Kathy

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