22 Jun 2010

Richmond XTERRA!


Richmond XTERRA 2010 has graced us with its awesomeness once again on yet another perfect, summer morning.  Last Sunday the skies were baby blue, the temperatures were your typical late June hot and humid, and the James River was Dr. Kathy Perfect- warm and shallow!

My dear husband and I had to be up (as many who have kiddies and drove down the morning of…) at 4am, babysitter arrived at 4:30 (bless her heart!), and off we went on our trek to the 8 am start line of our favorite XTERRA.

The cannon blast went off promptly at 8am and off went the pros.  I cheer for my fellow cannuck Melanie McQuaid, the worlds best mountain biker too, fyi!  Two minutes later the whistle went off for the men’s under 40 which included my hubby, Pierre, and our best buddy, Frank Febbraro.  I cheered them off the start line and watched as the current pulled almost everyone off course to the left of the buoy they were aiming for!

Two minutes later it was my turn, and for all those familiar faces in my group, which included my dear friends Scott Scudamore, Dr. Dusty, Chris, and my newest addition to Posichiro, Dr. Rose!!!  You should have seen Dr. Rose’s race face, AWESOME!!!  (This was Dr. Rose’s first XTERRA, and she did FABULOUSLY WELL considering she has never been on a mountain bike before! GO ROSE!)

I have to tell you that I had the best swim EVER!  I even beat my husband in the swim by 10 seconds!!!  I consider it a good swim when I never feel like I am going to drown, get a black eye from another swimmer, or get swept to sea by the current.  I swam the James River 1000 meters in 20.03, and then finally got on my bike to start to race.  To my disadvantage, the trails in Richmond have been converted to granny-friendly, smooth and easy, green run-like trails that my 5 year old could tackle.  I had a great mountain bike experience and cleaned everything that could be considered a little rough.  Folks even got out of the way to let me pass pretty easily, but there were still a ton of people I had to pass which only adds seconds on to the final tally.  This is the disadvantage to being a slow swimmer in a mountain bike triathlon, as it is trying at times to get past folks who aren’t all that bike-savvy on skinny trails.  But it was fun and fast and I gave it my all!  Transition was clean and when I started to run, I thought I could increase the pace after a mile.  However, I was dismayed that my brain and my legs were in disagreement with this plan, and my heart rate exceeded the capacity of the demand I wanted to lay onto my leg muscles.    I was passed on the run by one 20 year old female a mile short of the finish line, which pushed me to 3rd overall woman.

I am super happy to say that I did place 3rd overall though, with such a painful run, but I am a little disappointed with myself for getting second fastest bike split, second to an Ironman lady!    Kudos to her, but I would like to challenge this young lady to a real mountain bike race one day, because that is how competitive I am!

So, your almost 40 year-old chiropractor lost to a 30 year old ironman woman who swims like a fish and a 20 year old lady with the legs of a gazelle!  Those legs, lats and lungs are going DOWN next time, I promise you that!

Once we all cross the finish line of an XTERRA we embrace each other, congratulating each other for a job well done and an accomplishment achieved that is so amazing and something to be proud of!

Let me remind you that it is a great thing to put yourself at the start line of any adventure, race, or challenge, no matter what your skill level or expectation.  Once you overcome this awesome mental challenge of just putting yourself on the start line, you begin to own your fears, and your sense of self magnifies as your spirit is filled with a sense of awe for the courage it takes for you to start something so great (something so hard!).   Completing this goal is the final leg of owning your fears in full.  I cheer you on with all my heart for you not to allow doubt to slow you down, fear of failure (or success!) to stop you in your tracks, or panic from making you throw up your white flag of surrender.  Just accomplishing so much as going for it and not ever giving up until you cross that finish line, will enlighten you to your greater potential both as an athlete and as a human being.

Now that being said, sometimes we will falter in our forward motion and will stop when we could have kept moving.  But these are learning experiences that make us a better individual, because after all, sometimes our brains and our bodies just won’t agree with a final goal!

So, congrats to my fellow amazing XTERRA friends for just being a part of something so wonderful!  Have a super week everyone, and I hope to see you on the trails!  Kathy

P.S.- I’ll post some pics as soon as they’re available!



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