22 Aug 2015

Should I use heat or ice?!

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Having aches and pains? Small muscle injury? PUT ICE ON IT! Ice is an anti-inflammatory, which calms swelling down. Ice your pain for 72 hours (three days), in maximum increments of 15 minutes. If ice is used for more than 15 minutes at a time, it changes the effect and is not good for your pains. After you’ve iced for 72 hours, use heat if the pain is from a muscle. Heat should never be used on the spine. The spine is a hot nerve, therefore only ice should be used on the spine. Your spine is not just your back, but reaches from your head down below your waistlinespinal cord.

STAY AWAY FROM HEATING PADS! Heating pads actually dry out tissue and create problems later on. Studies have actually shown that heating pads weaken the immune system. Instead, hot baths and any kind of moist heat is preferred. Take your pain as an excuse to soak in a nice hot bath! You deserve it.