29 Mar 2013

Spring Break 2013

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Skiing is a fantastic workout for both your heart and your body, especially your legs! Lower extremity strength is vital for women who love vertical sports like MOGUL skiing. Skiing bumps is like doing a series of squats and lunges, throwing in a few sit up exercises while you’re at it!

My family and I just returned from a 2 day ski trip in Maine, Sunday River Mountain. Both my daughters are little budding athletes and I was amazed at how strong their skinny legs were, not to mention their leg muscle endurance. They insisted on trying tree skiing with me, moguls and all…. because their legs are so strong from running and playing soccer and mountain biking and constantly climbing things, they had NO PROBLEM.2

For little girls and women alike, leg strength is so important to develop as soon as possible! And not only to crush the powdery bumps. As we age, we lose our muscle tone, leg strength, bone density, and balance. If we can build all this up earlier on in life, then we have a bigger base to lean on in our later years in life.

Prevention is what we stand for at Posichiro, and making the most of EVERY DAY. Play hard, work hard, enjoy being extraordinary and enjoying living to your fullest with your family and loved ones!!!

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