06 Apr 2010

Spring Is Here!

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DSC04796Quality exercise is so vital to attain the results we all shoot for from our training.  Have you ever noticed that the harder you train and with the greater the intensity, the less ‘happy’ you feel during the hard parts, and yet the more fulfilled you feel at completion?  An easy zone 2 run for an hour does NOT give you the feeling of euphoria that a multiple stacked session of putting yourself on the line with your heart rate monitor zinging up there in the high 100’s will certainly leave you with.   That is FOR SURE.  But, it all serves a purpose, to stick to your heart rate zones with discipline.  These days I am finally entering some hard workouts and it is so exhilarating.  All those long “easy” runs and rides are slowly drifting away into the past with the snow and ice.

SO, I have been very bad at writing in my blog, no excuses, but I have been following a good discipline of a training schedule given to me by my coach.  Why do I have a coach for my training?  Let me tell you.  Probably LIKE YOU, I have this thing called a J.O.B. (which I love by the way), 12 employees or IC’s, just bought an expansion to my existing bldg., I sponsor and volunteer at 15 races on weekends between March and November, I ambassador for XTERRA meaning I promote the race joyfully at events to get you all as hooked as me, I have kiddies, 2 houses (the rental that can’t be sold right now… ahem), a dog (not just any dog, a border collie with high defined needs).   NO TIME to put together a training plan that an educated professional can do in a fraction of the time and with much greater purpose to each workout.  I love it because I see results and am feeling fabulous on the bike and on the trails, and even in the water for about 300 yards.
Today I biked 2 hours (on the trails, no other way when the sun is shining and the trails are dry and inviting!)  with attacking all hills as hard as I could, followed with a 35 minute run all out for 17 minutes and then maintaining a steady easy tempo until I was done.  The follow up Mocha Frappucino afterwards has never tasted better.  I even got a sun burn where I couldn’t reach lotion on my back, and I am giddy that it is so hot and summer-like!
Get out there, have a plan, don’t let yourself over train and get injured… but get moving,  Just moving your body is taking the first step in healing.
Have a GREAT week, let me know too if you have questions, I’ll answer as I write my future blogs.  My best to you, Dr. Kathy

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