14 May 2010

Swim, MTB Brick

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GOOD FRIDAY WISHES to you! After an awesome day at the office (yes, I just love my job!) I raced over to Wakefield to do a tough but exhilarating swim/bike brick with Pierre: Swim was 10 x 100 sprints followed by a 500 race pace. I averaged 1:34 on the 100’s and did 8:30 on the 500. Then we went back to the car, got on the helmets, and rode to Accotink for a fabulous hour ride at a fun, steady, quick pace on twisty-turny beautiful trails. We got to see a large black snake that stopped us in our tracks and many beautiful deer. This workout was soon followed by a 10 minute shared iced caramel latte sitting in the sun, and then the best part, picking up my daughters and driving all the way home while singing songs and counting school buses and yellow cars! (Yellow cars get you the most points, just FYI!)

Have a super weekend everyone!



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