“As you know I raced Ironman Mont Tremblant last Sunday and I wanted to give both (Dr. Kathy and Fen) of you a BIG thanks for taking care of my body as a I trained for my first Ironman. The adjustments adn massages allowed me to go into the race injury free and with my muscles feeling great (after the race is a different story). Long story short, my day was a huge success. even with the cooler temps, 65 degree water, and some rain showers, I had a really great day. I exceeded all my goals and didn’t have any major issues. My time was 12:51:52. Not too bad for my first 140.6 race. Mont Tremblant in Quebec was gorgeous and made for an awesome race venue.”

Derrek Sanks



HFR Dahlgren half

Wow, another Posichiro miracle!

Dr. Kathy, my foot feels great!  Within a day or two of my visit I stopped noticing any pain at all, and I ran a trail half last weekend like it was nothing.  I don’t know how you do it, but I am supremely grateful, again!  You are the best.

Thank you,




“I just have to let you know how grateful I am to you. This past weekend I took my kids out for a bike ride outside of our neighborhood for the first time.  Before I came to see you I couldn’t think about getting on a bike, because my left hip was constantly in pain.  In fact most days I couldn’t even get out of the house without taking massive amounts pain killers.  When my hip first started bothering me, my doctor thought I had bursitis and gave me pain killers.  When the pain persisted, my doctor had me get a MRI and sent me to a orthopedist.  The orthopedist said the problem was not in the  hip joint and gave me some stretches to do.  But the pain got worse.  I was having constant pain in my hip joint even after taking pain killers and a burning pain running down my leg.  The burning pain would wake me at night and I couldn’t find a comfortable position to get back to sleep.  This went on for about two months.  A friend suggested that I get treatment from you.  You have been a godsend.  You showed me on my X-rays what problems you saw.  You explained the treatment you wanted to do.  Your positive attitude alone is a form of healing medicine.  After two weeks of treatments and massage my pain was virtually gone and I am starting to regain strength in my left leg.  It’s amazing how we take things in life for granted until we lose them.  But when I was afraid to stand up and walk for fear of pain shooting through my leg, it was like being imprisoned.  To be able to hop on my bike and go riding with my kids or to play frisbee with my son and his friends is like being reborn.  Thank you Dr. Kathy for all that you have done for me and my family.”

Dante Gilmer



“After many years of lower back pain, I was concerned about surviving Marathon Training.  With Dr. Kathy’s guidance, adjustments, and applied kinesiology, I completed six months of training six days a week.  I was then able to finish the Marine Corps Marathon.  It was not only my first marathon, it was my first race ever over ten miles.  I always feel confident with Dr. Kathy’s care because she evaluates the whole body and determines the cause of symptoms.  I am very grateful for her outstanding knowledge and wonderful passion.”
Nevin Gibson


“After surgery to partially remove a herniated disk, I was left with back pain and paralysis in my left leg. My surgeon and other doctors I consulted said the damage was permanent and nothing could be done. I think they saw a little middle aged lady who didn’t need to be able to kick or move quickly. It’s true I’m not an athlete, but I wasn’t ready to give up hiking, biking, dancing, scuba diving and running after grandchildren. I went to Dr. Kathy who refused to admit defeat. Thanks to treatment and a program of strengthening and stretching she gave me, and sports massage along with my adjustments, I made a remarkable recovery and am back to my favorite pastimes. Dr. Kathy is my hero!”
Lynne Johnson


“Last summer I was involved in a nasty crash during the final stage of the Tour of Altoona which resulted in me hitting a street lamp and breaking my collarbone and scapula.  I’ve injured myself before, but this was the most painful yet.  My season was over, but my road to recovery was just starting. With the help of the team at Positively Chiropractic, particularly Dr. Kathy, I was back on the trainer in 2 weeks and riding outside in 3.  Over several months and multiple visits to PosiChiro I was back to racing cyclocross in the fall and have had a successful mountain bike season thus far.  Thanks to everyone at PosiChiro.”
Evan Ellicott


“I originally started going to see Dr. Kathy and her staff for therapeutic “runner’s massages” during my training season.  What a world of difference a deep tissue massage can have on both performance and recovery.  More recently, however, I started seeing Dr. Kathy for chronic knee pain.  She says I didn’t allow myself enough time to recuperate after running the Boston Marathon. Dr. is always right, you know? I couldn’t run more than 15 minutes without being in terrible pain.  After just a few short weeks (actually a few weeks of no running seemed like an eternity) lots of ice, and a couple A.R.T sessions with Dr. Kathy, I was as good as new! Thanks Positively Chiropractic –  you guys ROCK!!”
Deb Kamzol


“Dr. Kathy helps me stay in the shape I need to continue kayaking, running, and cycling!”
Toby Lowe


“Dr. Kathy and A.R.T. gave me my sanity back!  After suffering for over six months with a shoulder injury, one that kept me up at night and didn’t allow me a minute’s peace from the pain, Dr. Kathy came to the rescue in her white cape and super strong hands.  I had almost forgotten what it was like to NOT be in constant pain!  After just a few sessions, I began to gain mobility in my shoulder and was able to sleep the night.  Today, I am completely pain free, have gained back all the strength in my shoulder and it’s ALL because of Dr. Kathy and her magical fingers of wonder!  I totally recommend that you see this amazing doctor – she’ll change your life!  Besides, she’s totally cool and her office staff are really awesome too!”
Theresa Ryan


“Dr. Coutinho has had a major and beneficial impact on my health.  Facing major back surgery in the summer of 2007, I came to Dr. Kathy for a full examination.  Through regularly scheduled adjustments, changes in muscular/skeletal behavior, and deep tissue massage, my back healed and has been pain/damage free ever since. My spinal surgeon has since given me a clean bill of health. Dr. Kathy is a motivating, caring, totally capable chiropractic physician to whom I gladly refer my athletic and not so athletic friends and clients.  She continues to produce medical results others said were impossible. My endorsement of her is unequivocal.”
Pete Conklin


“In 2006 I began seeing Dr. Kathy for my lower back pain.  I avoided  surgery and within six months was pain free.  I continue to see Dr.  Kathy on a regular basis. It is Dr. Kathy’s energy and enthusiasm that has also helped me  better myself physically and this year I ran my first 5k.  I have  scheduled longer runs for the summer and fall. Dr. Kathy and all her staff are wonderful and I look forward to  every time I have an appointment.”
Daniel P. Lash


“Dr. Kathy and the staff were lifesavers for me. Running was not the option when I first saw them at a recommendation of a friend. I could barely sit down and driving a car was agony. Even going to my first appointment was so painful that I wanted to turn around and go home and lay down.  That certainly was not the way a lifelong runner with 184 marathons and many ultras wanted to act. But the treatment got me back into my world again. And I was getting continually better and running again and doing everything they told me to do which meant even more stretching. I was almost completely better when my wife won a position at Oxford and here we are. She was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sit on the plane, but it was okay. Since being here I have averaged 59 miles a week. Just under 2500 and will get over that mark before I come home.  At that point I will start a preventative or maintenance program. Thanks again Doctor Kathy!”
Larry Tabacnick


“Preparing for my 2008 triathlon season, a season which is supposed to culminate with my participation in Ironman USA in Lake Placid in July, has been a challenge, to say the least. Prior to the start of the season, I had to have hernia surgery which significantly impacted my preparations and was quite frustrating. Then I was diagnosed with melanoma and had to have surgery for that. That also impacted my training and was downright scary. But the straw that almost broke this triathlete’s back was when I developed a problem with my back a week and a half prior to my season-opening race in Columbia, MD. Thanks to Dr. Jeannie Kim and her expertise at Active Release, the adjustments she made, and the orthotics she fitted me for, I was back on my feet in no time, with almost no time missed in working out. I was not only able to complete the Columbia Triathlon as scheduled but managed to set a new personal best. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Dr. Jeannie saved my hopes for a successful race season. Thank you to Dr. Jeannie and all the great folks at Positively Chiropractic.”
Erik Melis


“Dr. Kathy doesn’t just work with athletes, she is fantastic with ex-athletes and professionals of all types.  I was running with my dog Parker one day when a freak accident had me in terrible pain and all out of kilter.  I first went to another chiropractor, who just worked on the symptoms.  Dr. Kathy understood the stresses that an athlete would put on their body, and treated the whole body and the underlying problems, even the ones I didn’t know I had!  Active Release Therapy made such a HUGE difference in how I felt.  I’m glad to call Dr. Kathy a friend, and even more glad that she is there to get me mobile again.”
Brett Coffee


“As Donna Murray’s lower back, I want to thank you for setting me straight so that I can bend properly when my owner executes her ballet and tap moves.  The muscles were always complaining that they were overworked or tight.  At last, we are all working in harmony.  Thank you.”

“I am 21 and I see Dr. Anna for my adjustments. She is great at her job and has always seemed to work out all the kinks in my system. Before I went to Dr. Anna, most of the time I could barely help out with yard work, or even stand for four hours when I worked in the movie theater business. I don’t really know what else to say other than you should definitely give this Chiro team a try!!!”
Damien Taylor-Brown


“After the birth of my beautiful 10 lb. son I was barely able to stand up straight. Combined with my back problem the extra weight was very hard on my knees. After some great work by Dr. Kathy and the massage therapist, I was back playing with my baby and 2 year old in no time. Thank you Dr. Kathy for giving me back play time with my kids.”
Amanda Payne


“I am a distance runner, running to and from my car daily!! I’m able to testify to the fact that one can consider the “running” in a normal day-to-day routine to be trying at best. I’ve had services performed from PosiChiro for over 20 years. I “run” to Positively Chiropractic before I go to my general practitioner!”
Connie Cantin


“One day I experienced shooting pain in my left elbow. It went away, but returned several months later. Physical therapy did not help. Traditional chiropractic did not help. The pain became chronic and was something that I thought I would just have to live with. I met Dr. Kathy at a Rotary meeting and thought I had nothing to lose when she said that she could help. What I lost was chronic pain. The combination of chiropractic, A.R.T., and deep tissue massage have done wonders. I just wish I’d found them sooner.”
John Friedman


“Okay, Don’t let Dr. Kathy fool you into thinking that the only people that she helps are a bunch of athletes with bicycles and snow skis strapped to their roof racks.  She and her massage therapists also provide wonderful benefits for those of us who are older and less athletic who live with chronic pain.  With each visit, she quickly identifies the problem areas that need to be worked, and then uses a combination of chiropractic and kinesiology to gently but effectively work those areas  – all of this with a positive and nurturing attitude.   I can really tell a difference after each treatment – I feel both physically and emotionally refreshed as I leave her office.  Dr. Kathy’s personalized care plus her use of other therapies, especially kinesiology, in addition to chiropractic techniques, puts her heads and shoulders above other chiropractic practitioners. I highly recommend her and her staff to people of all ages.”
Ramelle Batte


“I am a 74 year old woman, in training for my third “sprint triathlon”, and when I went on a 5 day ski trip to Lake Tahoe in early March I developed pain in my knees to the extent that I couldn’t even walk short distances when I got home.  It turns out that this problem developed because I had bought the new short contoured skis and was learning to use the new ski technique which distributes the weight onto both legs and loads different muscles. Dr. Kathy immediately recognized what had happened, and I was walking comfortably after the first visit and running after the third.”
Sue Suddreth


“I was rowing for school every day, doing really intense workouts when my lower back just gave up. I couldn’t run, couldn’t sit, I could barely bend over to tie my shoes. I went to every doctor I could think of, none of which could or even knew how to help me. My last resort was PosiChiro and it turned out to be the perfect solution. After a few adjustments with Dr. Anna, I was right back in that boat rowing away. Now when I have back pains or neck pains, I know how to solve them. She even fixed my jaw one time! Thanks Dr. Anna and everyone at Positively Chiropractic! You are all wicked awesome!”
Ana Cesar


“I was training for a mountain bike stage race and had a terrible wreck that caused tremendous back pain and stiffness for more than a week. After an adjustment at Positively Chiropractic I began to feel better in an hour!”
Chas Ryan

“I was referred to Dr. Kathy by a good friend and could not have been more pleased with my decision to come to Positively Chiropractic. As a competitive runner, I had been dealing with achilles tendonitis that put me out of commission for weeks. I was frustrated, and from my first visit, it was clear that Dr. Kathy wanted to get me back to running as much as I did! She is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough—and just the right kind of tough! Always patient, enthusiastic, and happy to answer all of my questions, Dr. Kathy was a pleasure to work with. Her treatment including ART therapy, electric stim, and some simple exercises, strength exercises, and self-massage brought my achilles swelling down and got me back on my feet within weeks. I am so thankful for my experience and would recommend Dr. Kathy, Dr. Jones, and the whole warm staff of Positively Chiropractic to anyone! Each visit was a pleasant experience, easy to process through insurance and punctual appointments. Thank you!” -Liana E

“I always love coming to the office. Everyone is smiling and cheerful. Office and treatment rooms clean and bright. Everyone is professional and I feel better after I leave.” -Joe S.

“As a long time patient of Dr. Kathy, I have high standards. My recent visits seeing Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Jones lived up to those standards and I walked out of both appointments feeling better and more knowledgeable about my body and how to do my part of the healing. I’m glad they’re part of the Positively Chiro team!” -Douglas B.

“I see Dr. Anna Mosley and she is fantastic! In addition to general adjustments, she treats me for TMJ and has significantly improved my condition and reduced the pain and jaw popping. After years of being told by both General physicians, specialists and dentists that there were few to no options I can honestly say finding Dr. Anna is a blessing. I am so thankful I found her and I would highly recommend her to all! The therapeutic massages are the best I’ve ever had as well. Lastly I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the office staff. Everyone is so helpful and friendly and they really get to know their patients.” -Laura M.

“Have never felt better since seeing Dr. Heather. Had been suffering with sciatica for months. A few visits with Dr. Heather and the pain was almost gone and mobility had returned.” -Gloria C.

“Great Chiropractors, holistic approach, understand athletes.” -Sam K.

“Treatments were timely, professionally performed and of the highest quality.” -Gerhard B.

“All of the staff from front desk to treatment rooms are professional and friendly. The Dr’s are experts at what they do and explain the treatment plan going forward. They also refer to other Dr’s when they believe it necessary. The massage therapist and acupuncturist are also very good, and for me the dual therapies maximize pain relief. I highly recommend Positively Chiropractic.” -Lynette O.

“Great team here! I was in extreme pain and Dr. Jones fit me into her schedule right away. I was having an acute, debilitating muscle spasm in my lower back and could hardly walk. I was close to tears when I walked in, pain level of 8/10 and walked out 5/10. Dr. Jones unapologetically tells you like it is and is a real professional. I absolutely recommend her.” -Kate G.

Once about ten years ago I tried going to a chiropractor and I felt it was too intense for me. Luckily, when I moved to Virginia I tried again – this time at Positively Chiropractic – the chiropractor I see is gentle and caring, yet effective. I am so glad that I found this office!” -Elinor K.

“This was my first visit with a chiropractor and it was a really great first experience. I came in with extreme pain and spasm in my upper back. I was worried because I had a Crossford completion the following day and I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to participate. Dr. Heather Jones made my first experience with a chiropractor wonderful and very professional. Thanks to her, I was able to participate with no limitations at my crossfit competition the next day! The staff was all very friendly and helpful. I can’t wait for my next visit! Thank you!”-Edith P.

“I was so impressed with Dr. Jones’s attention to detail, care, and wholistic approach to my situation. It was so nice to be treated from a whole-person perspective, not just a symptom. Thank you!”-Kelsey R.