17 Jul 2011

The perfect workout day!

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Today was a perfect weather day to do any workout under the sun, I hope you all got outside to sweat and hurt a little in the name of fitness!  My workout was to be a 2 hour road ride (mtn. bike in the shop AGAIN) followed by an hour run.  Let me preface this with my Saturday workout, which was doing as much water skiing as we could actually muster with our dear friends out at West VA.  Sunday dawned with every muscle hurting between my toes and my shoulder blades, so the workout was really a WORK IT OUT ride and a gentle lope rather than run and more for the dogs than for our training.  BUT we didn’t quit and feel so much better for it!  For the record, water skiing is my favorite sport, what a rush!   THANK YOU FAMILY HOLT!


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