13 Oct 2009

The Taper Begins

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13 days until lift off…. Maui XTERRA World Championships!!! There are 22 women in my age group who I will be competing against, and truly I feel like I will be lucky to place 21st at this point. Time to start the taper while not getting sick. Today was a great swim with Pierre, 25 minutes of drills and then the fun part: 4 sets of 50 meters descending (going harder), then 2 sets of 200, 150 hard and 50 easy. Because I am racing Pierre, I actually pulled out a 1 min 25 sec. 100 on both sets, and my last 50 was REALLY SLOW, so this is not something I could endure. I was breathing so hard in my hard sets that I was making a whistling noise in my chest, totally hilarious! This workout I fit into my lunch break nicely, and I even had time for a tea and honey at Starbucks with my hubby before going back to treating my patients.

Regular application of exercise is what will give you results…A fitter body, a FASTER body, a healthier mind, a more energetic experience of your day, a more POSITIVE outlook on life, a better appreciation for food, a great night’s sleep, and so on and so on!!!!! Please make a fitness goal and fit exercise into your daily routine. You will LOVE the results! 😎


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