08 Oct 2009

Track Workout

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Last hard track workout before Maui!

Last hard track workout before Maui!

Thursday was TRACK day!  Pierre and I went OUTSIDE to play on the track, while a high school foot ball team of smelly teenagers practiced their sport!  Track consisted of a mile warm up, then 4x 1200 meters “all out” with a 400 easy run in between.  My left hip flexor started to hurt again from an injury I took crashing at Rocky Gap XTERRA in June when a bunch of boys wouldn’t let me pass on the mountain bike.   (quick story, I yelled out “on your left” to a string of 6 guys, no one shifted even slightly to allow me to thread my way by in those tight twisty trails.  So I had to pass one at a time going AROUND pretty densely packed trees.   As I was passing the last guy, he shifted INTO my pass and I caught my left handlebar on a tree, resulting somehow in me being whipped completely around the tree, over the trail in front of this guy at a 90 degree angle, and several feet on the other side of him.  My left hip was whipped backwards and my bike landed 5 feet further.  This crash made the boys stop with concern and they asked if I was ok…I said um, let me see, um, I am not sure, urrrr, ouch, and by the time I carted my bike back to the trail IN FRONT of the boys I decided I was fine and left them in my dust!;-) But my hip flexor was torn and I couldn’t train for a week after that one.)

So back to my track work out….  My psoas hip flexor was pinching pretty badly at first but I focused on relaxing my hips and allowing my pelvis to rotate with each stride not allowing myself to stiffen up, also focusing on landing my foot strike below my hips and more or less on my forefoot so as not to add impact with a heel strike.  The pain went a way, woo hoo!  My splits were all under 4:50 for the 1200 (roughly 6:30/mile pace), the fastest  was a 4:30, right at 6:00 min/mile pace.  If only I could maintain that after riding up and then down a volcano!
Stretching afterwards has made a huge difference in how my hip, and other highly demanded muscles, recover from such a workout.  Please remember to stretch AFTER your workouts, so very important to prevent tightness from turning into tendonitis.

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