07 Mar 2013


I agree I agree, this weather is not the most motivating for getting outside and training. However, when you have the worlds best training buddy like I have, Max my dog, training becomes less about the workout and more about sharing precious time with a great friend. So I was committed to getting my dog out for a run on the trail and consequently got a fantastic brick workout in (1 hour bike followed by a 35 minute run).

Except for the left sided slide out wipe out/slam into the muddy hill off the bike that temporarily stopped me in my tracks. Here is a picture of the aftermath, a nice quadricep shiner. Dr. Matt did ART on my leg 2 days later and taped me up, helping me avoid quad/ITband scar tissue. Thank you Dr. Matt!

So here is what I learned from my crash and from many crashes prior to this, that I want to share with you. When you crash, sprain an ankle, smash into the side of a muddy hill, or whatever kind of trauma you may find yourself in, immediately lay down or simply stay lying down and relax. Just let your body relax for a few minutes, preferably with your feet higher than your head. Sometimes, if you haven’t broken a bone or torn a ligament, you will allow your body to reverse the spasm, allow for some blood flow to reenter the area of trauma, and can avoid tearing tissue if you get onto the injured tissue too quickly. Blunt trauma may cause your body to not only bruise badly, but heal with calcification in the muscle/tissue. Seek your ART provider to work on that area within 2 days, I promise you this helps reduce recovery time greatly. I am walking proof of this way of handling blunt trauma!

Don’t despair my fellow athletes, spring is right around the corner and with it will come sunshine and warmer days for more inspiring training conditions!