18 Mar 2013

Upper Body Strength

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Women are traditionally weak in the upper body compared to lower body.  As a mountain biker, upper body strength is vital to riding safely as well as to be able to grow as a technical rider.  Here is a video of me riding over a big log on my bike.  You can see how much core and upper body strength obviously go with this sport.  Neck stability and healthy alignment is important too for mountain biking, otherwise you can easily whiplash you neck if you are weak there or easily jar your shoulders on landing if you are out of balance going into a trail of logs, rocks, or crazy descents.  I encourage all my female patients and friends who ride, road or otherwise, to strengthen their upper body 3x a week with pull ups, push ups, plank work, tricep dips, and then to get their spine adjusted monthly to keep everything in good alignment and to heal from workouts in healthy form.   Have a great week everyone!!!  Dr.K