08 Jul 2013

Week of July 4th

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Hi patients and family of Posichiro!

I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July, that you relaxed and recouped your energy for the next 6 months of craziness! I just returned from a fantastic weekend of training, both on the road and in the water. But this time, my water sports did not include swimming, but rather something far more exciting and painful, namely water skiing! There is nothing that tears apart your quadricep of the back leg than when single ski water skiing! Next muscle group torn apart is your abs, which I am still feeling right now while I type. So, my wish for all of you is to not loose sight of the joy in all sports when you are training for a specific line of training. Cross training refreshes your entire perspective, gets you out of your single minded habit of doing one or two sports only, and moves your body, very importantly, in different directions and in different degrees of intensity. Water skiing is great cross training for the body and the mind! Check out my kiddies kicking butt in the water too, wooohooo! Have a fantastic week all,

Dr. Kathy