28 Feb 2013

“We’re Here for a Good Time…” Trooper (Canadian Band)

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And the sun was SHINING… today the temperature was perfect for outside training, on or off the trails, so my best friend Dr. Dusty and I got out on our bikes and road for a solid 1 hour 15 minutes on our lunch break at Accotink Park.    Dr. Dusty is coming off a recent 3 day adventure race and still made the effort to ride, which is appropriately called Active Recovery, in my world.

We rode steady and moderately, something we can all benefit from when feeling a little burnt out on life or February or whatever gets you down.  A steady moderate workout is a wonderful break in your routine, physically and mentally, and though it isn’t building your speed or strength, it will help build your endurance and combat the negative effects chronic stress has on your blood pressure and heart.  Just get out there and move your body, I promise you will feel SO MUCH BETTER for having done something for your fitness!

So as my favorite song goes, “We are here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time, the sun don’t shine every day!”