27 Sep 2010

XTERRA Worlds Less Than a Month Away!

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2nd Place at Bushwhacker!

2nd Place at Bushwhacker!

Hi there everyone, I have been very delinquent in my blog entering, SORRY!!!

To get you up to date on my training though…

I have been having the time of my life training in this AWESOME hot, sunny summer, and now more recently, this cooler, autumn-like weather. Perfect for all of us mountain bikers, trail runners, multi-sport athletes, and folks that just love to experience the great out doors in the weather that this region provides for us.

I just raced the Bushwacker 10 mile race put on by the best group ever (Ex2adventures!!) and felt so great, both in my legs and in my fitness. I am 4 weeks down to my A race, XTERRA Worlds, and feel better than ever. I think that I feel so good because I am not competing this year for the first time in my favorite race of the universe, Venture Quest. It is typically held in September, this last weekend actually, only a few weeks before XTERRA. It turns out that VQ destroys me for my ramp up to Worlds, so I wonder how not racing VQ will help me build properly these last few weeks. Hmmmmm, we’ll soon see!

I must schedule myself 2 massages for the next 4 weeks, like I would tell you if you are my friend or patient! But I am being very diligent in getting adjustments almost weekly by Dr. Rose and Dr. Anna, thank you ladies! My bike is finally in great condition after I destroyed the rear derailleur, and I think I have mastered the art of descending berms FAST, as I was taught by the very best, my good friends Steve and Barry. YOU GUYS ROCK!

OK, must go back to work….I just wanted to get my butt back into writing my blog; it keeps me accountable to you in hopes that I inspire you a little bit to get out and taste the sweet flavor competition, and training yourself to being your fittest self.

YOU ALL ROCK, keep moving forward ‘eh! Dr. Kathy



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